Monday 20 October 2008

Thank you all

Thank you for all the wonderful messages you have left me regarding the boys they are much better now, but they thought it would be nice to share all their horrid germs with Mummy, so I now have it :-(
Sitting here with hot lemon and no motivation. I have done cards for challenges and will try and get them loaded but I think I will probably miss the deadlines now.
I am sorry all ABC entrants that I have not commented on all your cards, I apologise, i will try and look at them all even if I do not post a comment.
Right back to bed, hope everyone else is ok and does not get this flu/cold.
hugs Vicky x


Jane (Carroll's Creations) said...

oh bless!!! they do love to share don;t they:)

take care and hope you are up and about again very soon

hugs jane x

Kim Dellow said...

Oh poor you. I hope you get better realy soon. Kim