Tuesday 28 October 2008

My Craft Corner

This is my craft corner. Yes this is all the space I have to craft. My husband and I used to have a wonderful wargames room, which now has my 13 month old son in it, he has a cupboard - nicknamed the warcabinet and has to clear the wooden thomas off the dining room table to paint and I have this corner. The filing cabinet holds my stamps in boxes according to make. The clear A4 holders have my embellishments, ribbon strips and scrap paper. The shoe boxes you can see have seperate brads, ribbon, lace and flowers. Some flowers are in tubes in the cabinet. My water pencils are in a sphere byt he keyboard and my cutting mat infront. My papers are in a box under the table as is my new beloved clutterbug. It's only saving grace is it is surounded by a child playpen stretched out as a room guard to stop my two boys Henry (13 months) and Edward (2 1/2 years) getting at it.


Bev said...

You look all organised there Vicky - I remember the days I worked on the dining room table and would have to pack everything away when I had finished. For months before my son flew the nest I kept on hinting then nagging for his room lol.

hugs Bev x

Rach said...

you sound like you have a place for every thing Vicky, I am like Bev and remember using the dining table...in the end all my stuff over took the dining room and the kids were eating off of their laps in the front room..lol..Hugs rachxxx

cats whiskers said...

Oh you have got yourself organised there hun, clearing the table brings back nightmares to me of having to pack everything up at night. Hugs jacqui x

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Hi Vicky

thanks so much for posting up your pics - your space is so organised and you know where everything is!! I keep putting stuff "away" then forgetting where I put it!! It drives me mad.
I spent a good half hour yesterday racking my brains looking for the small nozzle for my glue - I bought a new one and could I find it, I was demented in the end, eventually I opened the "right" drawer!! Grrr!!Thanks for joining in!


InkyAndScrappy said...

I feel your pain. My half a basement became a broken up corner.