Monday 8 September 2008

A Challenge

I have been sorting out my craft box and realise that I have over an inch high pile of images coloured ready to use and an entire box of papers. There are some in there I had completely forgotten about as I have been loving my sarah kay and sweet ebonies so much with K and Co papers. One of my friends is chair of his local rotary club this year, so I have decided that I am going to make a load of cards for him to sell towards his personally charity goal from all of them - so look forward to lots of cards on here that don't belong to a challenge competition. I was talking to my husband last night and showing him some of the magnificent cards on the blogs and how sometimes I feel I can just not compete and feel like mine aren't good enough, so I have decided to make cards again for me and fun not purely as competition entries.


Ria Zonnestraaltje said...

You always need to make things for yourself and never just for any challenge. I create alot of cards in a week but I always look at what I like and if someone doesn't like it well that is okay! As long as I like what I am doing!

There is so much beautifull art outthere and some are very talented and I can't compete with that either but that doesn't mean that my cards are not good enough! it only means that we still have alot to learn and bit by bit we will be better and better untill someone looks at our work and thinks SHIT my work isn't good enough compared to that :) And the circle goes round and round like that :)

But it is a great thing you are going to make those cards for your friend :)

hugssss Sweetie

Jane (Carroll's Creations) said...

your cards are lovely vicky.

I think sometimes we are our own worst critics!!!

I always think my cards are rubbish compared to some peoples (and they probably are!) but recipiants and customers like them so that makes me happy!

hugs jane x

Kim Dellow said...

Oh man I know just what you mean. There are some really talented folk out there in the crafty blogdom and I'm constantly questioning if I should even bother. But then whilst I'm making something I am so happy and absorbed in the process that I think well I shall just keep trying to improove.
It is hard to keep up with it all, so take it easy and a step back to remind yourself of why you do this is a great idea.
So don't be so hard on yourself, do what you enjoy doing and that will be your best work :)

Heather said...

Good for you honey! I too feel like my cards aren't good enough sometimes and just think "oh stuff these bl**dy challenges I'm gonna make one for me!" I end up spending more time looking at blogs than actually making cards so its got to stop! :) hehe

Lynsey said...

Hi Vicky
I think your cards are lovely! I think the most important thing is just to have fun making cards and as long as you like them it doesn't matter what anyone thinks!
Hugs Lynsey :)

cats whiskers said...

Hi Honey I agree with everything that Ria has already said. There is nothing wrong with your cards, but crafting should never make you feel you are not good enough, its done for your pleasure and if others like it then thats a bonus. We are our own worst critics I suppose but it should never be a chore and must always be a pleasure, I will always enjoy looking at you cards and receiving them asI have done, whether they are for challenges or not so carry on crafting girl.
Thanks for your wonderful comments on our New additition he is rather yummy is't he. Going to see them all again tomorrow, Cannt wait
Hugs Jacqui x