Sunday 5 April 2009

An Apology

I am so so sorry I have visited no blogs since my last post. I have today got now all three of my boys ill in bed. For two days now the eldest Edward has either been in bed or curled up next to me or on me. Little Henry is coming down with it too and my husband has a horrendous temperature and is shaking and tucked up in bed watching the rugby league. I have tried to do a card but as I am being continually yelled or called away it doesn't look right and at this rate the challenge will have finished before it is done!
I will try and catch up as and when
hugs x


Moni said...

So sorry to hear that all of your boys are ill! Hope they get better soon! Hugs, moni

scotspanda said...

so sorry to hear the men in your life are all ill, fingers crossed you don't get it and they all recover quickly

take care


Amanda xxx

nessy said...

oh vicky, you and me both ~paul is like your husband has got the flu ~lewis is just over it!!
when will it ever end??
sending you lots of hugs and strength!!
vanessa xx

gina g said...

I hope you are all feeling much better soon. We have all had tummy bugs. luv gina xx