Tuesday 13 January 2009

My Big Boy turns 3 in a few weeks - stamp help!

Can you believe my elder son turns 3 on the 3rd of March. He was born 10 weeks early and weighed 3lb 9ozs. This is his first ever photo, and the other is shown to show you how tiny he was! He will also start nursery on his birthday (fingers crossed) and will have a little uniform. I expect I will cry lots.
Now for your help. He loves Dragons and Dinosaurs and I was wondering if anyone had a stamp of either of these that they would not mind me having an image of - happy to cover your postage etc, to save me buying one. I was made redundant last year and money is abit tight at the moment. If you can help please email me here. thanks xxx


Lynsey said...

Hi Vicky
Wow I can't believe how small your little boy was! I have ordered a dinosaur stamp 'Denny in Love' from Pink Gem. Its a dinosaur witha rose if that is any good to you I will happily send you some images when it arrives. Let me know if that is the sort of image you want. Thats all I have in the way of dinosaurs and dragons.
Hope you are all well.
Hugs Lynsey:)

Jo Hopwood said...

Well I am useless for stamps because I sew (lol!) but how on earth did that little mite become your big strong elder son?!

See how they thrive with lots of love :-)

Maria Matter said...

Hi Vicky...your family has had quite a journey I imagine with your little boy. Wonderful to hear he'll be celebrating his 3rd birthday!
I don't have any dino stamps but here's a link to a free download from Pollycraft...Dudley the Dino!
Maybe you would be interested in using it?!
Blessings, Maria