Sunday 3 August 2008

Tilda's Cat

Yeah it was back in stock at Glitterpot, so I decided to treat myself, checked out then realised I should have ordered teed up while I was there doh! Luckily i can order it next week as it will not affect the P+P as it would have taken the order into the next bracket anyway! So happy to have finally been able to get this stamp - helps that all my family and friends are cat lovers.

Need to look at backgrounds - any suggestions anyone?


craft mad Jenny said...

oh, lucky you - so pleased you've finally got that cat!!!

cats whiskers said...

Hi Honey so pleased you got kitty. You asked about backgrounf stamps Spiral Whisper have got some fantastic ones that are released today
That is the link hope it works they have got some great stamps on there Hugs Jacqui x