Sunday 12 June 2011

Been AWOL and going AWOL Again

Just to let you know I maybe going AWOL for a few weeks. I have scheduled some cards, but will be missing the next few weeks after as I have my first lot of hospital tests at 9am next week with the mri scan and then have the nerve conduction tests on the wednesday which I have been told will leave my muscles etc very bruised and I won't be able to craft etc for upto 2 weeks after which brings me to my 10th wedding anniversary, the school fete which I am chair for the committee and also the boys baptism - eeek. Will be nipping in and out but will probably be away from the computer and the craft room.

This fortnights AWOL was due to the family all having flu at different times.

Hugs to all xxx

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Rufus said...

Please take care of yourself. Happy 10th Anniversary (in advance) Sure hope that you've got lots of good help for the school fete! See you when time permits.