Wednesday 18 May 2011


Sorry I didn't do much commenting last week. I save all my comments to reply tt everyone and blogger crashed for 2 days and i lost them all.
Todays desk, you can see part of my RAK from Elaine that I am juggling with ready to start a card, my housemouses are in a pyramid as Henry loves them and I have to stamp them up for him to colour! And if you look very closely you may see in a shoe box my new DT Kit from Stamp and Create that I busy making new projects for. I have covered my DT Challenge list up, so no peeping.
Sorry for lack of cards on my blog at the moment have lots of DT work going on that I cannot show you yet.
Hugs xxx


fairyrocks said...

Ah yes the crash, I just recovered some of the crash day things. I was so happy for that.

Deb said...

that was painful last week, fingers crossed it doesn't happen again! love your pyramid of house mouse!"
Happy Crafting, Debxx

Julia Dunnit said...

A pyramid of house mouse... can't be a bad thing. I wonder if that is a collective noun! No worries about having cards for us to see -your desk is still of big interest!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the snoop around your desk! I had a fab time!

Anonymous said...

Henry has good taste, HM's are so cute. Blogger was a pain last week, I'm on Wordpress but the challenges all seem to be on blogger, glad it came back quickly though!

Brenda 84

lisa said...

You have a very industriou desk there by the looks of things. I love the pyramid of stamps!!
Lets hope Blogger behaves this week.
hugs Lisa #94