Saturday 12 March 2011

Saturday Song

Something a bit different but have a valid reason for showing this. I am not on line today as I am visiting my Nan, whom had a stroke and pneumonia nearly two weeks ago and is in a rehab hospice. I used to dance around my Grandparents living room dancing to this as a 3 year old, so has massive memories for me along with the other song on this double AA side - Rivers of Babylon (which you tube won't let me post)

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Vintage Milly said...

Oh my lord, these used to be my favourite songs back when I was young too, oh the memories, we must be from the same sort of age range then.
I do hope your nan makes a good recovery, so sorry to hear about her illness.
Thanks for offering the card drive for my poorly friend, that is so sweet, I appreciate it. Although, I am not too up to speed in what it all involves, I have never done anything like that before, maybe we could combine one for your nan and my friend if you would want to. Anyways, my email is, if you have a spare minute or so and don't mind, would you give me a bit of info about what I might need to do,