Sunday, 14 November 2010

ABC Commenting

I have just added this to the ABC Challenge blog, I am hoping that if more people adopt it, it will help everyone on DT Teams everywhere and also allow more people time to blog. It is not intended to replace commenting all together but to try and give us more time to visit more blogs.

Hi to all our followers.

As Christmas draws close, we are all finding less time to blog and want to spend time with our families. Therefore we are asking if possible for you to do the following.

If you go into blog posts on your dashboard and choose configure blog posts, it gives you a reaction button. I have ammended mine to read

like, dislike and DT Visit.

This means we can just tick the box like you choose the like button on facebook and you know that we have visited you.

We do appreciate it if you could do this as it is taking the DT hours to visit everyone and we are not managing to visit all entries.

Thank you

Vicky x


Teri said...

Great idea hun, but can't find that 'configure' bit anywhere on my blogger.

Victoria said...

If you click on the edit blog posts on the large box section on the layout bit it will bring up the box hth x

Linda Wescott said...

Thanks, good idea. I wasn't able to put three options but have but the DT visit at least. Hugs lin