Wednesday 10 December 2008

This is so bad

.... I was not able to do the DT for my own challenge site. My husband and I have been so ill with this flu that my father had to come over and give us a hand with the boys. I have not done any crafting for over a week. Luckily I am now on the mend and can function on Lemsip max. I have the winners blogcandy ready to post which will go out friday when I can get to the post office. I am so sorry everyone, I have done nothing, visited no blogs at all, I feel so rotten about it.
I promise to catch up over Xmas when DH is at home.

Hugs to all

Vicky x


scotspanda said...

hope you're feeling better now hun, nothing worse than when you are both ill!!

take care


Amanda xx

Lynsey said...

Hi Vicky I'm so sorry you have all been ill again. Take care and hope you are all better soon.
Hugs Lynsey :)

nessy said...

oh vicky ~ so sorry you and hubby have been so ill ~gosh your home has one thing after another ~roll on 2009!!! look after yourselves
vanessa xx

Ali Watson said...

Honey you and your families health are far more important, glad you are starting to fell abit better, huge hugs!

Ali Watson said...

I have left you awee something on me blog to cheer you up, mwah.

scotspanda said...

hi hun just to let you know that the parcel arrived today :) I am off to play now lol


Amanda xxx