Tuesday 19 August 2008


I have just been tagged by Jacqui (nice new picture btw) and these are the rules:-

If you are tagged, you must firstly post the rules:
* Write 7 strange characteristics about yourself. They interest us all!
* Tag 6 other people at the end of your Post.
* Visit everyone that you have tagged and leave a comment on their blog to let them know that they have been tagged.

So here are my seven strange characteristics:

1. I like coffee of a morning and tea of an afternoon.
2. I would much prefer a starter and a pudding when out then the main course.
3. Everytime I have won a bottle of sloegin at a friends fundraiser I have been pregnant before it has been ready to be drunk.
4. Both my sons were born premature, and both named after Kings of England.
5. I like showers of a morning, but baths at night.
6. I used to be a drummer in a seventeenth century army as a hobby before the children.
7. I was school champion at swimming, but hate it now.

My 6 people to tag are -

Lynsey, Nessy, Ria, Gisele, Jenny, and Heidi


kes said...

ha ha I tagged you too.

nessy said...

thankyou vicky for the tag!! (have done this tag a few months ago ,found it difficult then!!)
i am tagging you by sending you back a "i love your blog" award!!
vanessa xx

craft mad Jenny said...

thanks for tagging me!!! i'll try and get round to this later!!!

InkyAndScrappy said...

too funny. Kids will always get in the way of a good bottle. JK.