Monday 12 May 2008

Magnolia challenge theme

I must admit I was a bit surprised by the theme this week, as it was one I suggested on the 20th April, when suggestions were asked for, but as a friend has pointed out, it may have been a pre-choosen theme. I have decided however to share my other ideas with everyone as it may give them inspiration as I am going to make a card on each of the themes myself.

My suggestions are -
* Hobbies and Pasttimes
* Flora and Forna
* Card for a child
* All that Glitters
* Nighttime
* Black and White
* Midsummer Madness


Unknown said...

facebook group sounds like a plan i can set it up if we get evryone onto facebook and up and running....or perhaps a yahoo group liek the other sbs have?

cats whiskers said...

Hi Vivcky, Thanks for last nights e-mail made me stop feeline sorry for myself. Love all your ideas for Challenges hope they take them up, or you will have t set up your own challenge blog
Hugs to you all
Jacqui xx